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Food Allergy Kitchenware Company has Gluten-Free-Labeled Spoons!

This is one of the coolest table / serving accessories you could own if you or someone you love has a food allergy. It doesn’t even have to be someone you love. Maybe you just like them enough to not READ MORE

Ready-Made Gluten Free “All But Gluten” Chocolate Snack Cakes

Let it be understood that I am all about healthy eating, reducing sugar, and making smart food choices. That being said, when you’ve been gluten free as long as I have and something like this appears in your regular grocery READ MORE

Hot Apple Pie Calzone – Gluten Free

In a previous post, I mentioned how wonderful it was to find ready-made gluten free dough in my refrigerator section at the local supermarket. This apple pie is wrapped in the new Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough. Yum. READ MORE

Yummy Mummy Dogs – Gluten Free!

  Take me to your mummy! Just in time for Halloween… I almost never thought I’d see the day where I could walk into a regular grocery store and stumble upon pre-made gluten free making dough. And not just ONE READ MORE

Someone Please Get These Crackers Away From Me

It really wasn’t that long ago that the selection of gluten free anything was pretty slim. Now every day (it feels like), great new products are showing up on the shelves in my “regular” grocery store. Which means, I don’t READ MORE

Babycakes NYC – Gluten Free and Vegan Mecca for Sweets

As if I wasn’t completely spoiled enough by my new friends and family surprising me with gluten free meals over Easter weekend, we happened upon this little gem of a gluten free sweets shop while sipping coffee in Brooklyn. You READ MORE

Monica’s Italian Bistro – Gluten Free Italian Restaurant

This restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa, deserves a “shout out” or cartwheel, if you’re into that kind of thing, for having one of the very best gluten free menus I’ve been fortunate to sample. “Monica’s Italian Bistro” is located near READ MORE

Good Seasons Italian Dressing – Not Gluten Free

  PRODUCT REVIEW ALERT! I’m disappointed to report that one of my favorite salad dressing mixes is now listing wheat as a main ingredient. Thank you to our reader, Bonnie, for bringing this to our attention!  

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale GLUTEN FREE Beer – Oh My!

I have this friend that keeps either making me, or bringing me, things that he says are gluten free. But I never believe him. Where he finds this stuff is always amazing to me, mostly because I’m the one who READ MORE

French Meadow Bakery Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Gluten Free

These cookies were amazing, but I have to admit….the draw is having frozen chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer to snack on. French Meadow Bakery has a great line of gluten free products. They are one of the only READ MORE

Los Tres Gallos – Gluten Free Dining in Mexico

On spring break this year, I had the best authentic Mexican food I have ever tried. Guess where? It’s crazy, but it was actually IN Mexico. Gluten free dining is quite a challenge when traveling to countries where you can’t READ MORE

Dark Chocolate Chip Kettlecorn: “The Devil in a Snack”

I love it when my friends bring me a new gluten free item that they’ve found that they think I’d want to try. It’s a real “hit and miss” venture because most of my friends aren’t gluten free. Therefore, they READ MORE

Claire’s on Cedros – Amazing Fresh Gluten Free Goodies

Last Friday was one of those surprise brunch blessings that I occasionally receive from co-workers. It was a small team outing and one of the girls spent some serious time researching restaurants that served a gluten free breakfast. I am READ MORE

Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider – Oh My! (gluten free)

“Mouthwatering juicy complexity. Luscious pear-berry bouquet.” Are you 21? I’m just slightly past that age (as far as you know), and good-tasting alcoholic beverages can be a challenge to find gluten free. Until now. I’ll admit there are some great READ MORE

Organic Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce – Gluten Free Product Review

There are some nights….okay many nights….where there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to cook a hot meal in under 30 minutes. I found this gluten free Certified Organic Tikka Masala simmer sauce at a local specialty food store READ MORE

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Cornbread – Review

Poor kid. My son got so tired of waiting for my cornbread to pose for the photo shoot that he just came over to grab it! He was mostly kidding. Well, mostly. Okay. Not at all. The freshly-baked cornbread aroma READ MORE

California Blue Huarache Style Tortilla Chips and Fresh Roasted Salsa!

Not your every day corn chip! Think all corn tortilla chips are alike? Not true! Clearly labeled “gluten free,” the packaging says, “The chips are fashioned after the huarache sandals that have been popular at California beaches for years and READ MORE

Gluten Free Heaven at Mon Ami Gabi

I hate to cry in front of people, let alone a group of guys that I’m on business travel with, but Ana just brought it out in me. Okay. I didn’t cry. I may or may not have teared up READ MORE

Bragg Liquid Aminos – Better Than Any “Regular” Soy Sauce

I will never use regular soy sauce again, not since I found an all-natural alternative. Bragg Liquid Aminos turned my mother-in-law’s meatballs and rice from a delicious comfort food previously full of gluten into a “WOW” comfort food that is READ MORE

The Gluten Free “Snap, Crackle and Pop” Rice Krispies!

Now you can get your Snap, Crackle and Pop gluten free! I’ve tried a lot of new gluten free products, but rarely do I try something that was originally gluten-full and is now gluten free AND just as great tasting READ MORE

Alter Eco Fair Trade Black Quinoa Product Review

One of my friends from work brought me this bag of “black quinoa” about a hundred years ago and I have finally tried it! Well, it wasn’t quite a full hundred years ago, but it has been sitting on my READ MORE

Marinated Fish Tacos at WhisknLadle, La Jolla – Gluten Free Fare

The inspiration behind sustainable fisheries, farming and ranch resources finds reality, and a home, at the highly acclaimed “Whisknladle” restaurant in La Jolla, Califonrina. Sunday mornings have taken on a whole new meaning during the past several months. I have READ MORE

Double Chocolate Crunch Granola by Enjoy Life – A Must Have!

Love at first bite! One of the BEST benefits of Enjoy Life (an allergy-friendly company) is that they also focus on healthier ingredients. In this particular case, in a matter of minutes, I was able to devour half a bag READ MORE

The Swedish Royal Bakery Makes Gluten Free Cakes

The rare find! The Swedish Royal Bakery in Poway, California, has been making gluten free cakes for the last couple of years and never fails to impress! There are quite a few gluten free bakeries appearing in a city near READ MORE

Rice Krispies has gone gluten free!!!

Guess who’s gone gluten free?! Rice Krispies is debuting their gluten free cereal this month! Children (and big kids) around the world unite! We got our snap, crackle and pop back!

“BEST OF THE BEST” Gluten Free Products of 2010


The very official “Mom Cooks Gluten Free” Best of the Best Gluten Free Products of 2010 List Best of the Best Products: BREAD: Udi’s Bread. Without a doubt, the #1 product (most delicious bread) on the market making life easier READ MORE

Wildfire Restaurants Rock the Gluten Free Menu


I have been on travel quite a bit lately; quite literally from “sea to shining sea.”  From San Francisco to Virginia, I find myself in awe at some of the restaurants with gluten free menus that actually include rolls, breads READ MORE