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How To Make a Gluten Free Crostata Pastry

Buttery, flaky and no one would ever know it’s not gluten free! There are quite a few tricks to making a good pie crust, let alone a gluten free crust! The regular “rules” apply: The pie dough is easier to READ MORE

Cooking with the Kiddos – Video from Gluten Free Cooking Class at Cups La Jolla

In honor of our “Cooking with the Kiddos” summer challenge that we are launching today, I dug up this fun video with our adorable micro-chef, Audrey. She and her mom joined us, along with 14 others, to learn to cook READ MORE

How To Pit a Cherry – Techniques

One of my all-time favorite memories with my grandparents was sitting around our kitchen table in Texas during their summer visit, and canning fresh summer peaches right off of our peach trees for the winter. I can recall sitting around READ MORE

“What else can I put this on?” Blueberry Syrup

Everyone needs a little fresh blueberry syrup in their life. Summertime is just about upon us and their are many fresh berries ripe for the picking (or “picking” out of your local grocery store or farmer’s market). The hardest part READ MORE

Hard Boiled Eggs – How to Boil An Egg

“Anyone can cook.” It’s true. Pay no attention to the fact that my source for that statement is credited to Disney Pixar and the movie “Ratatouille.” I added this section for my friends who tell me “I can’t even boil READ MORE

Sunday Roast Chicken – It’s Really Not That Hard!

I remember when I was a newlywed and my sister-in-law would come to visit. She would always just “whip up” a nice roast chicken, twice-baked potatoes and green beans. I was in awe. It was so different than my chopped READ MORE

How to Poach an Egg


This is “by request” post for my friends who thought poaching an egg for Eggs Benedict was too challenging. Once you get the Hollandaise sauce down (see previous post), this part is even easier.  The key is to add 1 READ MORE