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CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS about healthy eating.
Set your children up for success!
Help them learn healthy habits while they’re young!
Use those habits to establish a lifetime of feeling well!
4th Book, “Water Rocks!” – Coming Soon in 2011

October 2009

Veggiesaurus Lex tells the tale of a dinosaur named “Lex” as she learns why the food that she eats makes her feel sluggish and slow and that eating vegetables will give her that “get up and go.”

March 2008

Follow three young children on a quest for a snack in which Mom and Dad will approve! Fresh fruit for a healthy snack is the premise behind Karen Fine’s latest book, Nature’s Candy. The author of How I Eat Without Wheat delights young audiences with a new story about children who discover that healthy eating can be fun. The picture book, illustrated by Russ Novak, is told in rhyme and depicts the adventure with colorful illustrations.

February 2007

Illustrated by Russ Novak, How I Eat Without Wheat is a picture book for toddlers and young children who have diets that restrict them from eating gluten and wheat.  Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, triticale and oats.  The books uses rhyming text and entertaining illustrations to tell the story of a boy who takes a positive approach to his change in diet and restores his health.