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Schar Blogger of the Week

Once upon a time, I blogged just about every day. Then, as life happens, I was overcome by events and have about 50-something (conservative estimate) posts in my queue just waiting to make it to the “published” state.

Then out of nowhere, I see this tweet.

A tweet from the company who makes the gluten free spaghetti that I love. The gluten free spaghetti that was one of the final tipping points for my decision to go 100% gluten free. (See, spaghetti is one of my greatest weaknesses.)

This company that helped changed my life six years ago, Schar, TWEETED one of MY recipes and named me “Blogger of the Week” yesterday.

I was just sitting down at my desk at work (yes, I have a day job) and this tweet showed up in my email. I was hitting “delete” when the word, “Schar” made me pause.

Wait. That tweet has my website in it.

Imagine my surprise when one of my favorite gluten free companies was tweeting about my shrimp and scallop recipe!

Of course I immediately blew off work for about 10 minutes (okay, 15) while I retweeted, Facebooked and emailed their tweet about my recipe to all of my family, friends and followers like a school girl with a crush.

It went something like, “Oh my God! Schar likes my post!”

Then I regained my composure and calmly returned to my corporate day job.

And just like that, I was inspired to start blogging about my gluten free cooking adventures again, and maybe, even more often.

Dear Schar,

Thank you. Again. That’s twice now.


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