Ready-Made Gluten Free “All But Gluten” Chocolate Snack Cakes

gluten free snack cakes

Let it be understood that I am all about healthy eating, reducing sugar, and making smart food choices. That being said, when you’ve been gluten free as long as I have and something like this appears in your regular grocery store, you just might be tempted to try it. In a moment of weakness, I admittedly succumbed to temptation.

And I used all of you as an excuse.

I convinced myself that I have plenty of readers who don’t think occasional sugar is a sin, so, just for you, I tried them.

Unfortunately, I LOVED them.

Fortunately, my gluten free son LOVED them, too.

That worked out really well, as I insisted he eat the remaining five in his lunches or for snacks so I wouldn’t be tempted.

Being the noble son that he is, he said he would do it, but “just for me.”


These are high in fat and sugar and absolutely delicious. (If you’re into that kind of thing!)

*My son misread the box and thought they were called, “Al-Buttons.” So that is now their name in our house.

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