The Longevity Kitchen Cookbook!


My wonderful friend, Caroline, from My Food My Health sent me this terrific cookbook about four months ago. I have been cooking my way through it and I feel utterly compelled to rave about it.

I was in love with it immediately and cook out of it religiously.

It is written by Rebecca Katz, with Mat Edelson, and they focus on “smart nutrition with superb flavor.” The cleverly written and delightful-to-read book boasts easy to find ingredients along with witty, yet deliberate and thoughtful, commentary on how particular ingredients provide significant nutrition for your daily diet. Their passionate approach to combining delictable elements will satisfy even the most critical of foodies.

They had me on page 2 in the section titled, “The Science of Yum!” Rebecca lists 16 super foods that she calls the Super Sixteen. They just happen to include all my favorites. So right there on page 2, my love for dark chocolate, coffee, avocados and salmon was validated.

Important to note, this is not your average cookbook where you may select one or two recipes and then put it on the shelf. This is the kind of cookbook where you want to make everything over and over again. It delights the senses. Not only can you sit and read through it to gain a nutritional education, but you can pick out something that you very well might already have the ingredients for in your kitchen. (Okay, I did have to order the gluten free soba noodles. They were hard to find.)

The variety of recipes are all bursting with flavor and you would never know that the entire collection is gluten free. Their recipes are developed with a sense or purpose and great attention to healthy, yet delicious, ingredients.

I’ve actually made several of these dishes half a dozen times already. I’ve truly loved them all, but the one I want to have every week is the Roasted Wild Salmon with Olive and Mint Vinaigrette.  Oh my!

As much as this book is about eating healthy and focusing on real nutrition, it is more so about loving food and knowing how to bring simple ingredients together for a symphony of flavor.

A big THANK YOU to Caroline for sending me this book and to Rebecca and Mat for putting so much obvious love and dedication into it.

Stay tuned for pictures/recipes!

If you would like to order this book, check your favorite retailer or order here.


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