Babycakes NYC – Gluten Free and Vegan Mecca for Sweets

As if I wasn’t completely spoiled enough by my new friends and family surprising me with gluten free meals over Easter weekend, we happened upon this little gem of a gluten free sweets shop while sipping coffee in Brooklyn. You don’t even have to be gluten free or vegan to love this place. AND you can order online. Do it. Now. You won’t be sorry.

I claim to live under a rock most of the time.

Sometimes it is even fun for me to blame the fact that I don’t have cable.

One day I woke up and realized that there was nothing on the one billion channels of cable and I was paying A LOT of money for it.

I opted out of cable and went the way of Hulu/Netflix/Amazon to get my TV fix. I mean, how else would I be able to watch all of last year’s Game of Thrones season in one week?

However, it turns out I am missing something without cable. I’m missing all my favorite cooking channels and shows. I don’t think Bobby Flay misses me nearly as much as I miss him.

And apparently this amazing little bakery called “Babycakes” based out of New York City (Brooklyn) is featured A LOT on these cooking channels.

I remember hearing about Babycakes circa 2009 when they opened as a gluten free bakery in NYC. Erin McKenna, the genius founder, was a pioneer in the gluten free universe.  She was showing up on all the gluten free blogs as a place to go and a woman to follow. THAT I remember. Then, well, I forgot…

…until this past weekend. I was sitting in a park in Brooklyn visiting with my family who are actually NYC locals. I remembered that there was this really great gluten free bakery in NYC that I had heard about years ago.

Just for fun, I decided to pull it up on the GPS. Know how big New York City is? Know the odds of how close by or convenient it might be to get to?

Turns out it was six blocks from where I was sitting! No subway or cab required. (And I was thoroughly enjoying navigating subways and learning how to hail a cab….obviously a tourist!)

The trek to gluten free (and vegan!) cupcake and donut mecca was well worth it.

In fact, it was such an exciting moment for this veteran gluten free connoisseur that I kind got a little star-struck when I got there.

I feel like I ordered one of everything. And do I have pictures to show for it?

Sadly, no.

Because we ate everything in all its glory so fast that I didn’t think about photographing it for you until it was way too late.

My very favorite treat was the gluten free carmel chocolate crumb-topping donut. Okay, that wasn’t the name of it. But that’s what it tasted like.

I think the lady behind the counter thought I was nuts when I kept asking, “Is this one gluten free?” I’m still not used to being in a store where EVERYTHING is gluten free.

“Ma’am, the whole store is gluten free…and vegan.” Brought tears to my eyes.

None of this, “We just have this one gluten free cupcake flavor” you may find in other cupcake establishments.

If you find yourself in NYC, Los Angeles or downtown Disney in Orlando, you MUST stop at Babycakes and be dazzled and amazed.

Even my non-gluten free fiancé loved everything we tried.

Not traveling anytime soon? Go to and check out what you are seriously missing in your life.

p.s. They make way more than donuts and cupcakes. It is mind-boggling.

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