Best Eco-Friendly Lunch Box System Ever!

They had me at “eco” and “bento” together.

“Simple” sealed the deal.

Let’s start with the fact that this system was created by two moms, Amy and Tammy, who wanted to make lunches healthier and eco-friendly.

Laptop Lunches® bento-ware is designed to help you pack nutritious, eco-friendly lunches for school, work,travel, play or take out. Our stylish, eco-friendly lunch boxes are reusable, recyclable, long lasting, and dishwasher safe. They contain NO phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, or lead.”

The official commentary aside, I have been using these for YEARS and am so excited to see new inserts and bigger carrying bags.

As my children have grown older, the smaller bento style didn’t accommodate extra room for drinking bottles, “snack time” chips, etc.

This is a completely unsolicited RAVE review of a product that I have loved for years.

I just ordered the new pieces and when I receive them, I’ll be writing a “20 Lunch Box ideas” blog post.

If you’re interested in ordering these boxes, I found a 10% off coupon at “retailmenot.” Use “wastefree” when checking out on their site.

(Please note that these lunch boxes work just as well for adults!)

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