Dogfish Head Tweason’ale GLUTEN FREE Beer – Oh My!

gluten free beer

I have this friend that keeps either making me, or bringing me, things that he says are gluten free. But I never believe him.

Where he finds this stuff is always amazing to me, mostly because I’m the one who is gluten free.

I guess I can’t imagine why so many of my friends who aren’t gluten free have any awareness of gluten at all. This is a new adventure for my friends with zero diet restrictions. They humor me. I’m blessed. Lucky girl that I am!

Just to be clear.

This is not a “gotta see it to believe it” gluten free beer.

This is a “gotta-go-buy-it-now and gotta-taste-it to-believe-it” gluten free beer.

I’m one of those people who has been gluten free for so long, that I’m thankful ANY gluten free beer exists. Yet, many times I find it has a bitter aftertaste.

In the past, I haven’t been a big fruity beer drinking gal. But, seeing as how my options are considerably limited now, when he brought it over, I gave it a try.

All I could say was, “Wow! But there’s only one.”

He tried it.

Not that he’s a beer snob, but lets say he basically feels sorry for me that I “have” to drink gluten free beers.

But not this one. He said it was something he’d drink and if he’d known it would be that good, he would have brought more.

Not to worry. I found out where he got them. At some local convenience store. Really? Okay, so the bigger stores MUST be carrying this. Right?

It is sorghum based and brewed with strawberries, buckwheat and honey.

I don’t taste the fruit or the sweetness. It goes down really smooth and tastes like “real” beer. I think the fruit and honey counter that normally bitter aftertaste.

I certainly hope that “Tweason’ale” does not mean seasonal. I’m gonna need this during football season.

THANK YOU Dogfish Head!

(p.s. Did I mention that it is clearly labeled gluten free?!)

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