How to Plant an Herb Garden in Two Hours

Herbs in Strawberry Pot

At some point, it just seems cost preventative to keep going to the store to buy fresh herbs. As much as I cook with them, I like to have them at the ready.

A friend of mine finally convinced me to just grow them on my own. Since I’m somewhat space limited, we opted for a “strawberry pot” that we got at Home Depot for $17.

Part of the reluctance to “garden” was the fact that I a) didn’t have the space and b) thought it would take a long time. Not true!

In under two hours, we had the materials, seeds and planting complete.

Because I use so many herbs, that was the focus of this pot. Check out how many types we were able to get into this one pot:

We put mint up on the top (the only one obviously not started from a seed in this pot!). I was having a hard time finding a starter seed for it.

I don’t know why I waited so long to do this…plus it was a really fun activity to do with the kids!


  • Pot with good drainage
  • Organic soil
  • Seeds
  • Water
  • (toothpicks and tape if you like to label your seeds)

Step 1: Fill pot with soil

Step 2: Plant seeds (One seed = One plant) Just in case, no more than 2-3  seeds per area…these seeds are SMALL but they need to have their space!)

Step 3: Water

Step 4: Set in sunlight

Step 5: Wait for seeds to sprout. Water daily initially. Then as seeds begin to sprout, every couple of days.

Harvest as needed!

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  1. Hey, that garden looks pretty nice ;)


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