Los Tres Gallos – Gluten Free Dining in Mexico

On spring break this year, I had the best authentic Mexican food I have ever tried. Guess where? It’s crazy, but it was actually IN Mexico.

Gluten free dining is quite a challenge when traveling to countries where you can’t speak the language.

I wouldn’t say I couldn’t speak ANY Spanish. I did have four years in college (and as far you all know, that wasn’t so long ago).

Believe me, I did try. There hasn’t been a foreign country I’ve visited that didn’t at least appreciate the effort to speak their language.

But, I have yet to find a translation for “gluten” in Spanish.

The good news is that Mexican food is one of the least-gluteny prepared cuisines. I’ve heard it before, but real Mexican kitchens use very little flour for anything. They certainly don’t use it for filler or to artificially fluff up their scrambled eggs. (Yes, Denny’s Restaurant, I’m talking to you.)

I digress.

Three weeks ago I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with my extended family. The hotel we stayed at had a terrific concierge.

There is no substitution for a local’s recommendation when seeking out dining establishments on travel. And when you travel to a country that doesn’t speak your native language and you happen to have  food allergy/intolerance/aversion, it sure is nice to have someone to point you in the right direction.

For anyone traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, make a point to stop by Los Tres Gallos. The original founder still cooks all the meals and there are about 14 tables total in the entire restaurant. You dine in the evening on a patio by candlelight.The trees are lit for ambiance, the food is made fresh and you can even watch your corn tortillas being made right in front of you.

Every detail about the little restaurant has been attended to – from the specially made dish-ware to the fleece blankets on each chair for the cool night air.

Authentic. Casual. Affordable.

The service is excellent, the food is delicious and I will make a point of visiting this restaurant on future Cabo visits.

(Their Mexican coffee is a must-try!)

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