Dark Chocolate Chip Kettlecorn: “The Devil in a Snack”

gluten free kettlecorn

I love it when my friends bring me a new gluten free item that they’ve found that they think I’d want to try.

It’s a real “hit and miss” venture because most of my friends aren’t gluten free.

Therefore, they get excited when they see something labeled gluten free.

Even if they’ve never tried it (and generally they haven’t because they fear all things gluten free), they automatically assume since I’m in the gluten free “cult” that I’d like it.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

I may be a “cult” member, but I still have taste buds. Bad textures still gross me out. Some things just can’t be made gluten free.


Last Friday a friend brought me a bag of dark chocolate covered kettlecorn, clearly labeled “gluten free.”

I love dark chocolate. I don’t believe in any other kind of chocolate.

And I love kettlecorn.

Yet, I couldn’t imagine that it was as “amazing” as he said it was.

How could I be so wrong?

It actually traveled around with me throughout the weekend, and I kept thinking there would be an event where it would just work itself in.

Finally, I ate it while I was making lunch for all of us.

I know. What’s wrong with that statement?


It was everything the bag advertised, “Sweet and indulgent.” (with emphasis on indulgent!)

I asked another friend of mine try it. Not that I needed an validation on it’s supreme goodness.

They said they weren’t interested. Not their thing.

Then they heard me eating it. (I guess it was the “oh my God” that I kept saying.)

So they tried it.

I say, “So??”

They calmly say,

“Well. That’s the devil in a snack.”

We had to hide the bag from us the rest of the afternoon.

I have a fairly high level of confidence that it won’t make it until tomorrow.

There is kettlecorn, and then there is Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn.

Oh my.

gluten free

*Note – I checked their website www.popcornindiana.com and they don’t sell this flavor online. Looks like you can get it from amazon.com by the case. The flavors they do sell online look equally sinful.

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    • Erin
    • 04.10.2012

    Walmart sells it, that’s where I bought it. Yes, it is “the devil in a snack”…most sinful (and delightful!) for sure!…but Really, if sinning is This bad, I might have to sin more often! Hehe! :-)


    • Thanks! I’ll look for it there. :-)

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