Claire’s on Cedros – Amazing Fresh Gluten Free Goodies

Claire's on Cedros

Last Friday was one of those surprise brunch blessings that I occasionally receive from co-workers.

It was a small team outing and one of the girls spent some serious time researching restaurants that served a gluten free breakfast.

I am forever thankful that I have such good friends.

She chose a place I’d never heard of, but already can’t wait to go back!

Claire’s on Cedros in Solana Beach, California, just blew me away.

Pictured above (forgive the iPhone photo!) was the delicious caprese frittata. It’s an open-faced omelet with HOMEMADE ricotta cheese, provolone, roasted and fresh tomatoes, arugula, fresh pesto and a drizzle of olive oil. Absolutely delicious. It’s the kind of menu item that your return for again and again.

Inspirational! I can’t wait to make this at home.

But wait.

There’s more!

Claire’s bakery counter had FRESHLY BAKED soft, moist, gluten free brownies the size of bricks; soft, chewy, gluten free chocolate chip cookies the size of a small salad plate and wait for it…wait for it…

FRESHLY MADE BREAD. And not just any gluten free bread.

The kind of gluten free bread you could eat toasted OR un-toasted.

I timidly asked the waitress, “I don’t supposed you SELL this gluten free bread?”

She replied (much to my astonishment), “Of course. We just had some come out of the oven. Would you like me to slice the loaf or would you like it whole?”

I about fell over.

I still can’t get used to gluten free items being available in so many places now.

I stammered, “Whole, I guess.”

When she brought it out to the table, she handed it to me and said, “See?! Still warm! Fresh out of the oven.”

Did I mention they have amazing bread?!!

I couldn’t bear to take it out of the bag for a better picture since it was fresh out of the oven.

Incidentally, I have never tasted a rival to that gluten free salad plate, I mean chocolate chip cookie.

Never. Not even the gluten kind.

What a wonderful start to the weekend!

*Note: in all fairness, just mentioning that Claire’s has amazing gluten free goodies does not do her restaurant justice. They offer many freshly made goodies that contain, dare I say it, gluten. Their gf menu is fairly extensive and clearly they care about food allergies. They are located in one of the quaint San Diego surf towns, Solana Beach, and not even a whole block away from the ocean.

I’m not the only person to know Clair’s is to die for. There is generally a line out the door and plan on a wait. They do take reservations for six or more.

Quote from their site: 

“Claire’s on Cedros is a breakfast and lunch cafe with an in-house bakery. Our cuisine is straightforward bistro classics made with the finest ingredients available. Our philosophy of food is to serve wholesome, healthful food prepared from scratch. We strive to find the best locally farmed organic produce. Our meats and dairy are sourced from farmers who raise their animals humanely without hormones. Our menu is seasonal and will change to focus on the freshest ingredients for that time of year.”

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