The Great Candy Conundrum Solved!

The scariest thing about Halloween might actually be the amount of sugar your young ones collect in pumpkins and pillow cases…Not to mention the frightful amount of gluten in many candies! (See below for gluten free candy list.)

What’s a parent to do?

Not too long ago, one of our friends recommended the “Candy for Toy Exchange.”

Here’s how it works.

  1. Your child collects as much candy as they can on Halloween night.
  2. They pick out some of their favorites to keep.
  3. They trade the rest to you for a toy. (The size of the toy depends on how much candy they are willing to part with.)

What do do with all the candy you get?

  1. Eat it? (Heaven forbid!)
  2. Share it with co-workers. (my personal favorite)
  3. Donate it to the families with children who couldn’t afford Halloween.

* has a GREAT up-to-date list of gluten free Halloween candy!


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    • Nannijean
    • 10.31.2011

    Another suggestion for Halloween candy left-overs: send to our troops in the field. They love it!!! Don’t send chocolate except for M&M’s. But hard candy they can carry with them is so appreciated! Contact Soldier’s Angels ( for one avenue for sending it.


  1. Thanks Nannijean! GREAT suggestion.


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