California Blue Huarache Style Tortilla Chips and Fresh Roasted Salsa!

gluten free chips and salsa

Not your every day corn chip! Think all corn tortilla chips are alike? Not true!

Clearly labeled “gluten free,” the packaging says, “The chips are fashioned after the huarache sandals that have been popular at California beaches for years and is the only huarache style tortilla chip made from organic white corn and built to hold the best salsa on the market – California Blue.”

I was skeptical. After all. A corn chip is a corn chip.

Thankfully, I was mistaken.

As I poured the fresh roasted chunky tomato salsa into the bowl and opened the chips, I decided to snack a bit as I was getting my camera ready for the photo shoot. By the time I’d set up (which was maybe 15 minutes), I’d eaten about a quarter of the bag of chips and half of the salsa. Delicious!

First, the chips aren’t that really thick kind that fill you up really fast, nor are they the really thin kind that shatter into little pieces and, heaven forbid, can’t hold up to chunky salsa.

They’re also seasoned with a touch of safflower oil, salt and lime. The flavor is actually in the chip and delicate, but enough to pack a flavorful punch without getting salty lime powder all over you when you eat.

The salsa is something to write home about. It must be the way the fresh tomatoes and vegetables are roasted with the onions and garlic that provide the mouth-watering flavor that was addicting enough for me to finish off the whole jar.

This is my new “go-to” corn chip and salsa! Look for California Blue in a store near you.

*Incidentally, for some reason, this is the only corn chip my younger son (who frequently wins the “pickiest eater ever award”) will ever eat.

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  1. Thank you for the information about what is gluten free. A neighbor’s daughter recently found out that she needs to be eating gluten free foods. I wasn’t sure what all this would include so I was happy to see your list. You mention season free meat. What types of seasonings would be gluten free?
    Thanks! :-)


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