“Cooking with the Kiddos” Summer Blog Event at Fine Cooks

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese Proverb.

Here at “Fine Cooks…Everything Gluten Free ” this summer, we are challenging you to teach your child to “fish!”

Children of all ages are welcome! Help set healthy eating habits when they’re young and encourage them to make choices, measure ingredients and budget for the grocery trip.

To qualify: enlist the participation of a child and cook up something gluten free with them! (Kitchen, camp outs, or picnics are all great venues.)

Then, submit your story, pictures and results to info@finecooks.com to be included in the “Cooking With the Kiddos” column under our “How To” header this summer.

Help them embrace their inner chef while learning to feed themselves and make good choices.

How to join us:

  • Engage your child(ren) and get them excited about picking something to cook with you
  • Get ‘m in the kitchen and help them cook up their favorite dish or try something new


  • Go to the grocery store/farmer’s market and have them pick out the ingredients (gluten free)
  • Work in the discussion of budget when shopping
  • Read ingredients and discuss topics such as healthy, organic, sugar content etc.
  • Set up a “cooking hour” where you gather in the kitchen with the ingredients and recipe
  • Prepare! Have all the tools and ingredients ready to go
  • Set yourself up for success – get a stool or chair for them so they have a good view and reach
  • Discuss safety tips with them! (hot water, hot stoves, handling knives etc.)
  • Prepare yourself for the occasional spill or mess
  • Make it fun! Use music (not tv), friends and family…or make it a one to one moment.

How to submit:

  • Take a picture of the food and/or the event itself
  • Write down the recipe and ingredients
  • Write a brief summary of what they chose to cook, why and what they thought after consuming fruits of their labor
  • Feel free to use some of their quotes from the event – kids do say the darndest things and we like to read them!
  • Submit to info@finecooks.com before August 15, 2011
  • Don’t forget to include the child’s age, first name (not required) and where you’re from

Get creative! This can simply be making sandwiches, veggies and dip or cooking up a full dinner (assuming older children are cooking).

The goal is to get your child(ren) interested in cooking, learning to take care of themselves, and understand their choices.

This doesn’t have to be fancy…just fun! We can’t wait to share what you’re cooking around the world.

The challenge starts NOW so get started today!


*Gluten Free recipes and food only please!*

p.s. If you actually teach your child to fish this summer (as in with the rod and reel), by all means, send the story and pics!

My younger son woke up and said he want to cook me breakfast. This was his design. Lucky Mom! :-)

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