Novak Djokovic – Gluten Free Recipe for Success

Today in Paris, France, at the Stade Roland Garros and on his 24th birthday, Novak Djokovic brings his 37 game winning streak to the French Open.

After the Wall Street Journal published this article about the Serbian super star, “The Diet the Shook Up Tennis,” last week, media and social network sites alike (are they the same now?) have been all abuzz with the breaking news about a tennis pro.

This pro was none other than Novak Djokovic, and the article attributes his sky-rocketing success this year to living gluten free.

His blazing streak of wins during 2011 is being credited to his nutritionist’s determination last year that he was allergic to gluten.

(The article also clearly states the difference between celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease, and a gluten allergy.)

I haven’t watched the French Open since John McEnroe’s glory days, but I will watch today.

Ironically, if he makes it to the finals at the French Open, he will eclipse John McEnroe’s match win streak of 42.

I don’t know who I like more right now.WSJ for publishing a gluten free article heard ’round the world, Mr. Djokovic for listening to his nutritionist, or his nutritionist for actually making the call and saying something along the lines of,

“Hey, you know what…looks like gluten makes you sick. Why don’t you try cutting it out completely and see how you do?”

Looks like Mr. Djokovic is doing just fine.

Happy Birthday Mr. Djokovic!

Novak Djokovic's Gluten Free Recipe for Success

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