A Little Lunchbox Love for Valentines Day!

This is especially fun for my new-to-gluten-free friends that think special “normal” holidays like Valentine’s Day are a thing of the past.

This is a gluten free, dairy free, old-fashioned PB&J sandwich. Well, it’s not completely old-fashioned because I used organic grape jam, all-natural peanut butter (with nothing but peanuts) and Udi’s gluten free dairy free bread.

What makes it special? Well, if you’re gluten free, the fact that you can have PB&J in your lunch feels kind of special. But, in this case, I just broke out the heart-shaped cookie cutters…and…viola! 

Are there special things you do for a Valentine’s Day lunch? This year our children’s school is having everyone bring a fruit to make a “friendship salad.” A great healthy approach to a very sugary day.

(Because somewhere throughout the day, dark chocolate should be mandatory!)

*Tip: Cut the bread with the cookie cutter BEFORE you top it with your favorite sandwich innards. :-)
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    • Jenn
    • 02.11.2011

    Very cute Karen!! Thanks for the idea. I'll be doing this for my boys and I think they will love it. Happy Valentines day to you.


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