Almond Butter Banana Breakfast – RAW

I’m just about the last person in the world to buy into the whole “raw” diet thing. But I have met some pretty amazing “glowing” people who really seem to think it works.

One of them was Joy Houston, of Rocking Body Raw Food. Before I put a link to her on my site, I wanted to try it out for myself. I’m still working on the write-up, as it was quite the adventure. One that I plan on repeating this month.

Suffice it to say, it was a learning experience that I don’t feel I’m quite done learning. I was highly challenged the first week because I wasn’t really prepared, nor was I following everything in her plan. By the second week, I’d teamed up with a friend and made a lot more progress.

I felt better than I had in years.

I had tons of energy. 

So much energy that when I explained that to one of my friends, she said, “Maybe you should go eat a burger and slow down.”

I made so much progress that I had to stop two days early because I was losing TOO much weight. I was eating all day, but apparently eating nothing but unprocessed food agrees much better with your body. (Truth be told, I still drank my coffee with half and half every morning. That is NOT on the raw cleanse diet!)

It was the first week where I was trying to figure things out that I resorted to my almond butter bananas every day for breakfast.  Just three quarters of what you see above would fill me up until lunch time. 

It doesn’t make any sense, I know. How could THAT fill you up?

Also, please note that every morning I got out my cake-decorator with the star tip and piped the raw almond butter onto the banana slices.

Okay, that part is not true.  The way I actually make my breakfast when I’m also making the kids’ lunches, their breakfast and their “snack” bags doesn’t photograph so well.

I’ve been off the raw diet now for a week. Guess what? I miss it. I miss feeling good and having all that energy. 

I see a lot more “raw” living in my future.
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    • Marathon Mom
    • 02.15.2011

    This brings back memories of childhood for me, my mom used to make a snack of bananas with peanut butter and wheat germ, so good. I had forgotten all about it, but will have to go back to it (without the wheat germ since I'm GF) and give it a try with almond butter.


    • As Easy As Salt and Pepper
    • 02.16.2011

    I went Raw for a while as well! I felt wonderful but made life with the family quite difficult. Going out to eat was impossible, but I did feel amazing! I think I'll try 80% raw and see if I still feel as good!


    • Mom Cooks Gluten Free
    • 02.16.2011

    Me too. Will try 75-80% after my next two week round. There is another book, The Raw Cleanse, I think, that has this third stage that basically has you eating raw for breakfast and lunch and cooked food at dinner.


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