“Why Are You Gluten Free?” Survey Results!

Just for fun, I thought I’d throw out a quick, completely non-scientific survey on why people are choosing to live gluten free. 

It was based on my hypothesis that “you are not alone” and that there are many more reasons that people are gluten free besides celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

I picked a handful of categories based on personal experiences with people’s stories that they have shared with me over the last seven years. Obviously, this is not a complete list by any stretch of why people are gluten free.  

Don’t see your reason on the list? Send it to me for the next survey!

How surprised are you by some of the results?
I’m interested in your thoughts and feedback. 

I will be following this survey up with a similar one, as well as soliciting your short stories on why you chose to be gluten free and how it affects your life.
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    • Alexia L
    • 12.11.2012

    I share my story in hopes that someone will recognize their story and find relief from years of medical problems.

    I had 11 years of undiagnosed pain that was diagnosed as multiple illnesses, including Fibromyalgia, GERD, Rheum. Arthritis, Trigger thumb, Migraines, etc.

    I was unable to think clearly, had extreme pain, especially when lying down, which prevented me from sleeping, leading to “Fibro fog”. Extreme pain in my hips, joints, heels of both feet.

    After no relief despite being on Cymbalta, Maxalt, Prilosec, Topomax, Adderrall, and Advil like candy, I decided to call my Acupuncurist.

    My acupuncturist suggested I remove gluten from my diet based on the inflammation in my body.

    I removed gluten and wheat from my diet and had less pain in 3 days!

    One year later, I am off all medications- follow a GF diet and am clear headed and have minimal problems with pain! Praise God!

    I am convinced many of our medical conditions are directly related to what we eat or are exposed to.

    I pray we will continue to spread the word and help each other live a happy, healthy, productive life!

    Thank you for providing the venue to share my story!

    Lex L.
    Limerick, PA


    • Alexia,
      This is a GREAT story. I’m so happy you shared it with us.

    • Manisaj
    • 01.01.2013

    This is regarding my 9 year old daughter who has had perpetual fever everyday in the evening since last 5 months. She has had her blood taken so many times to get tested that we have lost count. And all results come back negative except high ESR and CRP. And the ANA showing she has some antibodies. ENA results all negative subsequent to that. She even had to go thru a bone marrow aspiration to test for malignancy which by the grace of god was also negative. I have also been in touch with non conventional doctors at the same time practising integrated medicine who are now testing her for celliac. Her symptoms from day one are daily fevers up to 39.9, hair loss and stomach pain. She has low blood count which has not changed despite being on iron supplements since last 4 months. In the meantime I have started her on gluten free diet and have noticed the reduction in hair fall and no stomach pain. She has been an absolutely healthy girl prior to this. This is a sudden onset which is not going away – daily fevers in the evening. Would appreciate if anyone has any similar experience.


    • This is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. I hope someone out there can help!

      • sandra
      • 01.09.2013

      I was sick for a long time and discovered that I had Lyme disease only through a private blood test done at Igenix Labs, in California (you can call them and have them send you a kit that can be brought to a conventional lab and mail it back with a blood sample). All the blood tests done at the conventional labs were negative. I as well, was suffering with symptoms like your daughter and became very sensitive to many products including gluten. Now I am better since I stopped eating gluten, unfortunately the Lyme is chronic since it took such a long time to discover it and can’t use antibiotics since I am allergic to them. I am doing something alternative that is called NAET and for now it is helping. I hope this helps.

    • Manisaj
    • 01.09.2013

    Dear Sandra,
    Thanks very much for your advice. Did you have any rash? We have not seen any rash since day 1. Your advice is kindly appreciated. Thanks.


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