Simplify Your Life with Gluten Free Meal Planning!

Not too long ago, I was at a little food convention in San Francisco known as “BlogHer Food.” I had just joined the BlogHer Publishing Network and was excited to meet fellow food writers and cooks.

It was an a very well done convention in a fabulous location. They even topped it off with an entire gluten free event hosted by Le Cordon Bleu and The California Culinary Academy.

During this experience, I met some wonderful people. However, there are always a few that really seem to stand out. I seemed to bond immediately with the other cooks who were passionate about their craft as well as helping people learn about healthy living.

Melissa Lanz, of The Fresh 20, was one of those people.  She and I were both new to this conference. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who already seemed to know each other and had an air of exclusivity about them.

But not Melissa. Her smile could light up a room, and as I walked by her, she shared that smile with me. It was as if we knew each other already and she quickly became an island of familiarity amongst a sea of foreign, distant faces.

We reached a point at the event where she said, “You know what? We have a lot in common with the desire to reach out to others for healthy living. I can see us working together in the future.”

Well, here we are, not three months later, working together. I am honored to have the opportunity to join her team to help bring gluten free meal plans to the masses!

The Fresh 20 offers weekly meal plans that feature 20 fresh ingredients. Once you join, you receive the menu, shopping list and recipes for the following week. 

I had never used a weekly menu plan before so I did a trial run of her recipes. I was hesitant at first to live off of a meal plan. I ended up experiencing new delicious foods, as well as having a meal every night. I was hooked.

Her original meals were not always gluten free, so that’s where I came in to help. I’m editing her meal plans to provide gluten free alternatives without missing out on flavor or variety.

Learn more by visiting her site:


Between now, Sunday, January 9th, and next Sunday, January 16th, simply leave a comment below about what you would like to see as a gluten free meal. 

Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

I’m thrilled to be part of such a worthy endeavor. Check it out and let us know what you think!

~Mom Cooks Gluten Free
(Special preview:  My new logo for “Fine Cooks…Everything Gluten Free.” “Mom Cooks Gluten Free” is moving into my much-expanded site very soon. More to follow!)

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    • Karen Fine
    • 01.09.2011

    Another popular spot to leave comments is on the Mom Cooks Gluten Free Facebook Page! The winner will be chosen from all comments between the two. :-)


    • Jeanette
    • 01.09.2011

    I am new to gluten free cooking (just found out one of my kids is gluten intolerant) and am a healthy living blogger myself. However, I'm finding it challenging to come up with lunch ideas (must be yeast free too, so gluten free breads don't always work), as well as dinner (no dairy or tomatoes either). Any good recipes for chicken cutlets would be appreciated. Thank you and congratulations on teaming up with a fellow blogger. If you're attending BlogHer Food in Atlanta, would love to meet you.


    • Miller Family
    • 01.09.2011

    How about a yummy Chicken pot pie??


    • Katrina (a mom trying so hard to be gluten-free)
    • 01.10.2011

    I am struggling with a 5 year old boy and sensory processing disorder. He likes unhealthy foods. It's hard to get him to eat good foods. I need some good vegetables (other than the typical broccoli, corn, peas)that I can hide. He also needs protein. I would like to make him a protein/vegie smoothie that he will drink. And (as long as I'm dreaming) I would like a delicious biscuit to go with the soups I love! And of course, all gluten free!


    • Phyllis
    • 01.16.2011

    I work full time plus run a free lance accounting business. Would love healthy, gluten free meals that can be prepared quickly after a hard days work!


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