A little Delicious Revolution and Gluten Free baking at Cups La Jolla!

One of the best things about doing something you love is that inevitably you find other people who share a similar passion.

Last weekend I spent a wonderful day teaching others how to cook gluten free savory dishes and bake gluten free sweets at a local La Jolla hot spot called, “Cups.” Their chef, Jesus Gonzalez, and I worked with all of the guests on how to make some of our favorite meals. A terrific time was had by all.

Not one of these events has gone by where I haven’t met some spectacular people. Whether you have a bond over something such as a love of cooking, or through a disease/hardship that draws attention to healthy eating, you find strength in numbers.

I’m honored to have been a part of such an inspiring day as little, and big kids alike, learned to roll gluten free pie crust, grill vegetables, simmer cranberry sauce, make shrimp ceviche, bake pumpkin cakes and more!

A big “shout out” to Cups La Jolla for the fantastic venue and cooking-school facilities that enabled us to share our gluten free skills with the public.

Another big “thank you” to Joy Houston of www.thedeliciousrevolution.com and www.rockingbodyrawfood.com for the video clip, collaboration and participation in our gluten free holiday fare.

I’ve included some fun pictures from the event of our newest gluten free chefs!
~Mom Cooks Gluten Free

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    • Joy L Houston
    • 12.30.2010

    Karen, your class was informative, fun and best of all delicious. The recipes are doable! Not intimidating at all. Thanks for the fun and the gluten free feast. I'll be looking for more classes from you in the future!


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