“Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light!”

The beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas has been stuck in my head ever since we switched back to standard time. You would think after all these “years” that I would cease being surprised by the fact that the month of November brings the pitch black of night at 5pm.

Did I mention the “rage” part?

It only takes 20 minutes to prepare, broil or boil lobster tails, and pan-sear scallops. Less than 30 minutes for a decadent, nutritious meal.

Do you have any idea how tasty that kind of “fast food” is after a long day at work? Or on any day?

Why the “rage,” you ask? Turns out that I am greatly dependent on natural lighting for photographing my food. I’ve only begun to learn the basics of my fancy shmancy Nikon. Adding in artificial light is at least 30 meals away.

I have to clarify “rage.” I’m not the kind of gal to be found yelling…I’m more the soft spoken kind. (Can you hear my family laughing?)

The reality is, somewhere in between, is the frustration of not being able to easily photograph our evening dinners during the autumn and winter months.

So, in the case of this evening, I am unable to present to you the lobster tails and pan-seared scallops. Instead, I offer a pithy quote from my youngest son.

The little monkey, which I say with the motheriest of love, has what some (everyone) might think of as a bit of an attitude. He’s six. And he’s good at it.

Let’s just say he was not at all impressed that I was making him lobster tails with a garlic/shallot/butter puree and pan-seared scallops for dinner. 

Words were exchanged. 

He was sent to his room.

When called for dinner, he came down “dressed up” in his “best Hawaiian” button down shirt and very un-matching plaid pajama bottoms. 

I tried to hold the laughter for fear of being perceived as irreverent.

With as straight a face as I could manage, I simple asked, “Why?” 

He responded with the most sincere, sweet, honest little voice, “because gentlemen dress for dinner with beautiful ladies.”

Oy vey!

I leave you with a preview of how to prepare a lobster tail done by someone else on ehow.com who helped teach me!


Coming soon…Mom Cooks Gluten Free Lobster Tails and Pan-Seared Scallops! 

In the meantime, “do not go gently into that good night…”
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