The Elusive Gluten Free Breakfast at a Restaurant!

I have to admit, once I discovered that I loved cooking, I began to avoid eating out at restaurants all together.  Over the years, I have become addicted to healthier, fresh food and the instant gratification of preparing a delicious meal. 

That revelation isn’t a real “downside” to learning how to cook until you lose your kitchen to a flooring installation project and have nowhere to eat for breakfast!  Thoughts were running through my head at 4am, “How WILL I feed my gluten free flock breakfast?”

It all started with poor planning on my part. This flooring project had been planned for about 11 years, only to finally begin two days ago.  So, it’s no real wonder that the construction and rank smell of floor sealant hadn’t really kicked in. 

Not realizing that my entire kitchen was sealed off until it was too late, set me back a bit on what to do for dinner last night…let alone breakfast. I never eat out for breakfast. Not just because gluten free breakfast are a challenge, but even more so are the lovely two little munchkins that I gave birth to oh so long ago.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I remember someone saying that “The Original Pancake House” served terrific gluten free pancakes. I looked it up online and there was nothing on their site or menu to indicate that. I began thinking it was one of those “secret” menus like at In-N-Out Burger.

I couldn’t sleep due to the fumes (mental note: leave house during reconstruction) so at 6:30am I called the restaurant. “Yes” to everything. “Yes, they have gluten free pancakes. Yes, their eggs and bacon are gluten free. Yes they are open at 7am.” “Yes” is just about my favorite answer.

That’s about the fastest I have ever seen my boys get ready in the morning. (They were less than impressed with the make-shift dinner I provided. I don’t want to talk about it!)

And how was breakfast? Fantastic! Those were literally some of the best pancakes that I have ever tried, gluten free or not. Everything was delicious and, you know what? We will be going back there even after my kitchen is finished.

*Please note: Unfortunately not all Original Pancake House locations serve gluten free pancakes, so definitely call ahead. I dined at the Poway location in San Diego, CA.

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    • Anonymous
    • 11.19.2010

    I was so sad to find my local Original Pancake House (Encinitas) does NOT do the gluten free. Maybe if lots of people called and made the request as I did it will happen.


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