Gluten Free Culinary Adventures in San Francisco, Day 1

Good morning San Francisco!  Today is the first of my three days of gluten free culinary adventures in this beautiful city. I’m here as an attendee for the sold out BlogHer Food ’10 convention. There are more than 1000 food bloggers from all walks of life gathering here to share their love of food and writing.

First and foremost, I want to thank Kelly at for selling me her tickets. This event was sold out before I’d even heard of it. I was the very lucky person that Kelly chose off the message boards when she wasn’t able to attend.

I hesitated at first to attend because who wants to go to a FOOD convention where they can’t eat anything?  Ah! That’s the adventure part. I’m betting that there are things I can eat and I’m going to be talking to chefs, vendors, restaurants etc. about their current impression of gluten free living.  Statistically speaking, I’m pretty darn sure that I’m not the only gluten free person attending.

My posts this weekend are all about the fact that going gluten free isn’t a compromise; simple steps make it easy and enjoyable even when you are travelling. 

1. Learn about the area where you are traveling. Looks for restaurant reviews on gluten free.
2. Talk to the locals when you arrive (hotel staff, friends, family…) and find out if they are familiar with gluten free options.
3. Always, take some of your favorite gluten free food with you that will travel well so you don’t starve while you’re trying to figure it all out.
4. If going to see family/friends or somewhere for a longer stay, ship your favorite gluten free pastas, breads, mixes, bars etc. so they are already there when you arrive.
5. Check the weather. Yes, that has nothing to do with gluten free eating. But go figure. I brought just about everything for COLD weather and it’s beautiful and warm!  

Challenge for today:
1. Find at least one other person who is gluten free and why.
2. Eat.
3. Attend conference.
4. Eat.
5. A little more conference
6. Eat…..

Well, you get the idea!

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    • nicola
    • 10.11.2010

    We didn't meet… but I would have liked to. I think the conference surpassed most gluten free expectations – mine, for sure. So glad you got a ticket!


    • Karen Fine
    • 10.12.2010

    Me too Nicola! Next time!! :-)


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