GF Culinary Adventures in San Francisco, Day 1 continued….

I am one of the lucky attendees at the sold out BlogHer Food ’10 Conference in San Francisco. The day started with a really fun and educational food photography class by none other than Todd Porter and Diane Cu of aka food photography gurus.  I walked out of there thinking my whole conference trip was worth it just for their food photography tips!
Since their class was during breakfast, I went by the buffet and there was nothing labeled gluten free, although they did have a lot of fruit!  I was sitting with one of the vendor representatives for Athenos Greek Yogurt from Kraft, and she mentioned that it was gluten free. It was delicious! If you’re not familiar with the Greek-style yogurt, this is the the creamiest I’ve tried yet.
So, I decided to use my “new” photography skills and photograph my breakfast. I didn’t use the rule of thirds well, but I did learn how to use 12 o’clock light!
I took about two pages of notes during their lesson.  I am going to blog some of their tips at a later date. Stay tuned!
I’d like to let anyone reading this know that they were such fun as speakers/teachers and I highly recommend them. It would be a shame if they didn’t do more events like this because they’re truly have a way of educating while entertaining at the same time. Which is a talent in my book!
Speaking of talent – one of my favorite quotes from them:
“There is a difference between talent and skill. Talent you are born with, but skill is something you learn from hard work. In the end, you don’t know the difference of someone who is phenomenally talented and someone who is skilled…but it’s the skilled person who put in all the work. Don’t give up.”
I took that as a great message for all of us who are self taught, yet passionate about what we do. Thank you Todd and Diane.

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