Dinner on Gluten Free Culinary Adventure in San Francisco, Day 1

The weather in San Francisco could not have been more beautiful on the first night of our BlogHer Food ’10 conference.  We were blessed with a watercolor sky, tranquil waters and a cool breeze.
After a long day of meeting fellow food bloggers and listening to amazing panels of guest speakers, I was rewarded with an impromptu dinner with an old friend who happened to be in town on business.  Serendipity! 
Neither of us were from San Fran, but we quickly learned one of “the” places to eat was called “Scoma’s” and it was on the water. At this point, I was had three requirements: gluten free options, seafood and “on the water.” Viola!

We had a 45 minute wait and I think my friends’ comments were, “Wow, guess you found your words.”  I had spent the whole day at the conference and didn’t know a soul there. Even though I was honored to be sitting with quite a few blogger super stars at breakfast and lunch, I seemed unable to find my words. I was overwhelmed, which almost never happens.

Fast forward to our wait for dinner and there is this wonderful couple at the bar, also buying some time until a table was ready. They were celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary and had quite the stories to tell. Most of the stories, though were all about American football. (they were from Canada) Thankfully, football is a second (okay third) language to me and I was happy to talk…a lot…apparently!

Our wonderful new Canadian friends eventually got a break as our table “with a view” was ready.  Chalk this one up to luck!  As usual, I had my Udi’s bread. I love not having to miss out on the olive oil and balsamic dip!
We had oysters.

We ate crab.

In fact, Scoma’s has just about every other item on their menu MARKED as GLUTEN FREE. That’s right. We not only found a restaurant that offered naturally gluten free foods, we found one that has the menu well-marked.  And as much as I love the seafood pictured above, you know what they served that was gluten free that I can never find out in the wild? Lobster Bisque! (insert heaven parting and angels singing here…)
Next time you’re in San Francisco, I most highly recommend Scoma’s!  They have it all…the view, the seafood, the atmosphere AND many delicious gluten free items.
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