Hard Eight BBQ – Brush Poppers!

BRUSH POPPERS! I wish these photographed as well as they tasted. I’ve blogged about Hard Eight BBQ in Dallas (Coppell), Texas, previously, but I didn’t have any pictures. So, I just HAD to go back and get some. And these don’t do the “brush poppers” justice. They are made with turkey, smoked on an open grill, and wrapped in bacon with onion and jalapeno peppers. It’s WHY you go there in the first place. Although, the rest of the menu is mouth-watering, as well. I mean, one can’t live on brush poppers alone. Well, maybe….

The BBQ sauce is sweet and compliments the brush poppers perfectly. In case you hadn’t read my previous review of Hard Eight BBQ, it quickly became one of my very favorite restaurants this year….for multiple reasons. First, the bulk of their menu is naturally gluten free. They smoke a wide variety of meats on an open grill and as you walk in, you make your choices and then pay by the pound. Second, it’s “as good as it gets” Texas BBQ with an atmosphere to match. And now, for a third reason….I’ve never seen my son eat pork ribs, nor have I seen him eat that much in one sitting…ever. He has repeatedly asked to return there (since we left), he said it’s now his favorite restaurant and it’s definitely at the top of my list next time I’m in the neighborhood.

Many thanks to my good friend for introducing it to me and for making this a new Texas tradition. (The Hard Eight in Coppell is just minutes from the DFW airport and well worth the visit upon your arrival to town!) For directions, location or more menu items, visit their site: www.hardeightbbq.com.

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    • christine
    • 12.30.2009

    We love the Hard 8 BBQ as well! And the popper are my husband's favorite!


    • Darron
    • 08.15.2010

    Thanks for your review of the Hard Eight. We were visiting the Dallas area and this place was recommended. While doing the "gluten free" search we found your post and decided to go. My wife has celiac and she went right for the poppers. We both ate way too much but the food was great. Thanks again for the post.



    • Karen Fine
    • 08.15.2010

    I'm so glad you both liked it. Always my first stop in Dallas. Thanks for the comment. I love hearing that I was able to help someone out. :-)
    I'm going to go check out your site. Way to support your wife!


    • Amy Kolodziej
    • 05.15.2012

    I moved to Texas about a year ago, and have been searching out a great BBQ place since I moved here. Hands down, this is the BEST BBQ in TEXAS!

    My son packed down the food, and we always had someone asking us if we were ok or needed assistance. I love the Southern manners here, it is such a nice change to the hustle and bustle of North City life.

    The sides, mouth watering good. I recommend the creamed corn, that was my favorite side. We tried them all.

    I have tried all the places on the Food Network, so this is a very honest response.


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