The UltraMind Solution – The Six Week Plan to Heal Your Brain

The magic of social networking through social media resulted in my discovery of this new book. The physician who wrote the book, The UltraMind Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman, joined our page to discuss his book and the healthy effects of knowing what you put into your body.

“The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety and Sharpen Your Mind.” Did I mention being GLUTEN FREE is one of his requirements?!

As I continue with my quest to increase gluten free awareness and gather statistics on just how many people are actually eating gluten free (besides celiacs), I come across this book. Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences) it also highlighted exactly what I was looking for in nutritional supplements for my family. I haven’t read the book yet, just the excerpts. I will be reading it soon and will provide a full review. In the meantime, Dr. Hyman’s blog covers a great deal of information.

Again, this is just one more example of how far the gluten free way of living has expanded into “mainstream.” It used to be that gluten free was only for people with celiac disease. It then expanded to the gluten intolerant, autism, ADHD, thyroid disease, depression, infertility, and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. Now, gluten free is being brought forward by a New York Times best selling author in a positive light as a solution to ailments that can affect anyone.

I must caveat this for everyone: the book is not just about gluten free. It also includes being casein free, as well as other dietary changes. But, hey! I can’t get enough of seeing gluten free mentioned in a positive light and how many people can benefit from it. I’m open to the idea of casein free. At least for six weeks! I certainly know what a great affect gluten free has had in my life.

What does a book like this do for our gluten free community? It’s one more step to the “some day” when we can all walk into any restaurant or grocery store and have available, delectable, gluten free options!

With his permission, I am re-posting some excerpts from his blog and providing links for more information:

…You can have a brain that allows you to fully experience life, and enjoy your family, friends, work, and, most importantly, your own heart and soul. But how do you do it?

Well, you follow The UltraMind Solution.It is a 6-week, 4-step program that is designed to help you:

  • Feel more alert and focused
  • Have more stable moods
  • Enjoy a better memory
  • Have more energy
  • Enjoy the kind of restful sleep that will help you wake up more refreshed and able to face your day
  • Improve your digestion
  • Decrease chronic sinus problems
  • Experience pain-free joints
  • Eliminate headaches

And there are wonderful side effects. You will lose weight almost automatically and you may even see your sex drive improve. But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Prove to yourself how well The UltraMind Solution works. I want you to try it, for just 6 weeks.

You have nothing to lose (except, perhaps, the chance to eat a few additional cheeseburgers and sodas). And you have everything to gain. You can have the gift of your life back.You will learn how to reclaim that gift in today’s blog, where I outline the 4 steps of the program and explain how it works so that you can begin taking advantage of The UltraMind Solution today.

My favorite excerpt:

Brain Allergies

There is one other step you need to take during the 6-week program to eat right for your brain.

That step is to eliminate the two most common food allergens in our diet: gluten and dairy.

Now, you know what happens if you get stung by a bee, or get poison ivy: You have an allergic reaction. But did you know your brain can become allergic, too? And when it does, it causes brain fog, depression, autism, ADHD, dementia, and more.

Gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, spelt, and kamut) and dairy are the two foods that most commonly set off reactions in people. They have been linked to conditions ranging from brain fog to depression and to even more severe conditions like autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

You may have hidden allergies to these foods and not every realize it. Despite the fact that the immune system and the brain are intimately linked and food has a MAJOR impact on your brain and body, most of us (including physicians) don’t make the connection between what we eat and how we feel. You eat a piece of bread on Monday and feel depressed on Tuesday, but you don’t make the connection. Many people are affected by low-grade, delayed food sensitivities or allergies. What you eat may cause allergic reactions that make you feel bad, but you might not know it.

You can take some simple measures to heal from brain allergies. Here’s what do …Simply remove dairy and gluten from your diet for 6 weeks.

That means a 100 percent elimination of these foods, no exceptions—not even a drop of milk in your tea or a crumb of bread for breakfast.

Watch what happens to your body and mind when you do this. The brain fog may lift; the depression may ease up.

I have even seen autistic children start talking after they get rid of gluten and dairy.

Trust me, you will be amazed at how many other delicious things there are to eat besides bread and milk. I give you dozens of examples in Chapter 14 of The UltraMind Solution.

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