Gluten Free Communion – Going Mainstream

This is not a “religious” post, but a “wow, gluten free HAS gone mainstream” post!

Members of my family attended this church over the holiday weekend in San Antonio, Texas. They were excited to write and tell me that today during communion, the minister said, “For communion today we have the regular wafers and a separate bowl of gluten free communion bread/wafers.”

I’m so impressed, had I been there in person, I’m sure I would have teared up on the spot just from the relief of long over-due acknowledgment! I’m looking forward to all of the churches getting on board with providing a gluten free, wheat free alternative to the regular communion wafers or bread.

If I lived in Texas, I’d stop by to say, “Thanks!” In lieu of an airline trip, I’ll just leave it to this post to show my sincere appreciation!

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  1. Wow, I never thought of that. Glad to hear that some churches are thinking of the issue.


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