Every Day Chocolate Cake!

This is easier than your Easy-Bake oven! Short notice chocolate cake needs? You can’t beat this for ease and speed. Pamela’s cake mix doesn’t require a mixer. Pour all the ingredients into a bowl, mix with a wooden spoon, poor into waiting cake pans and bake at 350 degrees F for about 20 minutes. I used the canned Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Chocolate Frosting (as pictured) for this cake, but if you have more time, the Pamela’s Chocolate Frosting mix is divine. If you’re like my little sister, you’ll know how to make the Hershey Chocolate Frosting from the 1950s pages of Betty Crocker’s cookbook!

*Note: Of course this also makes cupcakes!!!

*Disclaimer: Not all Pillsbury canned frosting is gluten free. Always check with the manufacturer and read the labels.
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    • nannijean
    • 09.01.2008

    This is the most wonderful, delicious, moist chocolate cake ever! And I don’t even need to eat gluten-free— but I am somewhat of a connoisseur of anything chocolate. :)


    • WaianaeGal
    • 02.06.2010

    Aloha, and please forgive my posting… but I'm an English nut… poor = lack of money or wealth… pour means to move liquid from one object to another.
    I love your blog and will continue to read.
    Mahalo, WaianaeGal


    • Karen Fine
    • 02.06.2010

    Thanks for the spelling catch my Hawaiian friend! :-) Mahalo to you and THANK YOU for reading! In honor of your spelling catch, is there something of a Hawaiian nature that you would like to see gluten free?


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